Al-Qaeda threatens Germany ahead of vote ( admin posted on January 15th, 2019 )

Al-Qaeda has repeated its threat against Germany ahead of the country’s elections this weekend, the third such ‘warning’ in a week.


The video, entitled “O Allah I Love You 2” and posted on Thursday, was the latest by Al-Qaeda operative Abu Talha al-Almani, or The German.

Abu Talha, who German security forces believe to be a 32-year-old from Bonn named Bekkay Harrach, said last week that if Angela Merkel is re-elected as chancellor in Sunday’s polls, “bitter times await the Germans”.

The IntelCentre, which released the video, said the “threat of attack by Al-Qaeda or its affiliates in Germany or against German interests worldwide (is) at a significantly high level based on assessment of Abu Talha’s latest statement when taken in the context of his two other statements.”

The “threat will be high for the lead-up to elections on 27 September and remain so following the elections,” it said.

Abu Talha spoke in German, and his remarks were not immediately available in English.

Last week he warned Germans to change their government in the election, saying they will face a “bad awakening” if they do not.

He also called on Germany to withdraw its 4,200 troops from Afghanistan or face being attacked at home.

Bekkay, believed to be of Moroccan origin, called on Muslim youth in Germany to enable Al-Qaeda to carry out the first attacks there in case jihad (holy war) were to be declared.

Germany, which has around 4,200 soldiers in Afghanistan, has never suffered an attack by Islamist militants, but a number of suspected plots have been uncovered and there have been a string of other internet warnings.

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